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Puerto Rico: Paradise in Limbo Carlos E. Beck


Will Puerto Rico be a state? 
How it could be. 
Why it isn't.

This book was originally conceived as an apology for statehood. An apology is a justification or defense of something. However there are a lot of Puerto Ricans who right now would ask for an apology from anybody wanting Puerto Rico to become a state.

For these Puerto Ricans statehood is a sell out of Puerto Rico. But since close to 50% of Puerto Ricans have voted for statehood, it is something that all Puerto Ricans should think about. If those wanting Puerto Rico to become a state were to be able to assure those who oppose it that they will not lose their language, culture and identity; that they have nothing to fear by becoming a state, then there may be a sufficient majority of Puerto Ricans to petition Congress for it.

If Puerto Rico becomes a state, the United States will have demonstrated to the world that the American experiment in liberty, freedom and democracy is still alive. But if Puerto Rico does not become a state and goes its own way, the United States will also gain because it will stop being the owner of the oldest remaining colony in the world.