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August Murder

Three university students are on their way to place explosives in an important power plant, in an act of terrorism meant to draw attention to their cause, independence for Puerto Rico. The police, are waiting for them at the plant, ready to capture them when they arrive, before they can carry out their plan. The students expect to be transported to police headquarters to be questioned, and, in time, to be charged and tried in court. Instead, they are killed on the spot, , in what appears to be an act of premeditated murder. A few hours later, the governor, the police superintendent, and other high ranking government officials, hold a press conference to announce that a terrorist plot has been foiled by a special police anti-terrorism unit. The official account soon starts to unravel when the press and others start asking questions, including the father of one of the students killed, who is determined to search for the truth and find out who killed his son and the other two students.